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[un]sounds of buchenwald | momentum | berlin



the bauhaus-universität mfa exhibition in
“public art and new artistic strategies”



angelica baron & rafaella constantinou // vincent brière // vienne chan // sophie foster // anke hannemann // kathryn gohmert  // feng runze // yihui liu // matthew lloyd // nasir malekijoo // mila panić // yunju park // mariya pavlenko // denise rosero bermúdez // malak yacout // saša tatić // ina weise // joephy sze ting wong // yi weihua

(UN)SOUNDS OF BUCHENWALD is an artistic research project
by the mfa-program “public art and new artistic strategies / kunst im öffentlichen raum und neue künstlerische strategien”, faculty of art and design, bauhaus-universität weimar resulting in two exhibitions in weimar/buchenwald and in berlin.

curated by: bojan vuletić, anke hannemann, ina weise / coordinated by: jirka reichmann / in cooperation with rachel rits-volloch

[exhibition details:]

20 – 24 january 2017
@ buchenwald and mittelbau-dora memorials foundation, former disinfection hall
weimar opening hours 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (closed on monday)

opening: 20 january, 3:00 – 6:00 pm

27 – 29 january 2017
@ momentum, kunstquartier bethanien, mariannenplatz 2, berlin
opening hours: sat & sun: 1:00 – 7:00 pm

opening: 27 january, 7:00 – 10:00 pm

artists talk: 29 january, 1:00 – 5:00 pm

[more about momentum gallery]


STATE[S] OF PANIC | galerie eigenheim | weimar


the vernissage on the 21 nov and the interactive game on the 23 nov were brilliant: thank you very much to all that came.

please note the artist talk and finissage will both be taking place now on thursday, 26 november, [starting at 7 pm] and you are warmly invited to join both then.

below are some photos from the STATE[S] OF PANIC installation, which will remain up through 26 november.

see more about DIE OHNMACHT, galerie eigenheim, or other work of mine with these links.

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STATE[S] OF PANIC [details] | galerie eigenheim, weimar




it is my pleasure to  invite  you to view my newest work,  STATE[S] OF PANIC, on display as part of galerie eigenheim‘s themed series of exhibitions, DIE OHNMACHT, taking place at their weimar location.

STATE[S] OF PANIC will be on display from 21 – 26 nov, and details about the vernissage, interactive game, artist talk and other parts of the event are listed below for your reference [with the entire DIE OHNMACHT event running from 15 nov – 18 dec].

. . . . . . . . . .

[STATE[S] OF PANIC | kathryn gohmert | 21 – 26 nov]

vernissagesat, 21 nov, 7 pm

“game”mon, 23 nov, 7 pm

artist talkwed, 25 nov, 7 pm

finissagethurs, 26 nov, 7 pm

. . . . . . . . . .

other talented  artists  showing their work as part of DIE OHNMACHT include: yang mingtil ansgar baumhauerdavid ashley kerrand sandra monterroso.

more  details  about the artists, their work, the concept and DIE OHNMACHT’s itinerary can be found on the galerie eigenheim website, the facebook page or in the information listed below.

. . . . . . . . . .


[using the complexity of global events as an occasion to gain more insight]

the impenetrable complexity of current global events often eludes an objective assessment. the attempt to gain a rational, factual insight into the interrelationships of world politics often leaves us in a state of exhaustion, confronting us with more and more questions the closer we examine them until we are often left with a complete loss of an overview as a result.

global events and global conflicts are carried out locally with their origins also often based in local events. on this basis, we seek to firstly explore the understanding of global contexts from a local perspective. we have invited five politically focused artists from different parts of the world to open conversation with us by using their work as a starting point. each artist has a local, source-based concentration in their work from which global contexts will be developed and examined. in five consecutive, individual presentations, we will get closer to each respective culture’s formative background and current conflicts with the help of each subject’s work as well as using excerpts from the respective body of work as a whole. conversations and public talks with the artists are the second step toward deepening and discovering the origins of local conflicts on global contexts.

addressing these approaches, kathryn gohmert (* 1983 / texas / usa) opens dialogue about both the perspectives and origins of american people regarding their relationship toward violence and weapons and the resulting position of the USA in world events with the mixed media installation, STATE[S] of PANIC, specifically created for this concept. david ashley kerr (* 1986 / victoria / aus) examines the effects of colonialism on modern australia using photography and video works. yang ming (* 1962 / fujian / chn) gives us insight into the current situation in china through a developed conversation. sandra monterroso (* 1974 / gtm) let us participate in her research about the influences of colonialism in the progressive decline of indigenous, south american cultures and till ansgar baumhauer (* 1972 / de) explains excerpts from historical contexts in the conflict between the west and the middle east in his work COLLATERAL DAMAGE (30+).


15.11 – 18.11:  yang ming [* 1962 / fujian / china]

the artist, yang ming, is a guest in weimar from the 15th until the 18th of nov, and will hold an interview with konstantin bayer, giving us an insight into the current situation in china on 17th of nov.

21.11 – 26.11  kathryn gohmert [* 1983 / texas / usa]

the artist, kathryn gohmert, will be presenting a mixed media installation, STATE[S] OF PANIC, opening on the 21st of nov at 7pm, as well involving us in an interactive game (11/23/2015, 7 pm), and a public discussion (11.25.2015, 7 pm).

27.11 – 03.12  till ansgar baumhauer [* 1972 / de] 

till ansgar baumhauer shows video, spacial and object works, which deal with historical and current topics about the correlation between the west and the middle east. giving us a chance to delve deeper into his topic, we will be holding a public artist talk on the 1st of dec.

04.12 – 11.12  david ashley kerr [* 1986 / victoria / aus]

david ashley kerr explored in his phd thesis the colonial influences on australian culture and will be escorting us into a public artist talk (date to be announced) to report on the current situation in australia.

12.12 – 19.12  sandra monterroso [* 1974 / gtm]

sandra monterroso, in addition to presenting a sound work [which can also be seen at this year’s venice biennale in the south american pavilion], makes an endangered indigenous language available to us through her video work.

STATE[S] OF PANIC | Galerie Eigenheim Weimar



i’m pleased to announce that state[s] of panic – a show exploring the current relationship between the united states and gun control – will be running this month at galerie eigenheim, weimar, as part of its themed series of exhibitions, die ohnmacht.

state[s] of panic will focus largely around an installation work of mine, with details about the interactive “game” and artist talk scheduled to take place coming soon.

the show runs from 21 – 26 november, with the vernissage on saturday, 21 november.

see galerie eigenheim’s website for more details. you can also find the event soon on their facebook page.


skill exchange | agora collective [in images]


the idea behind the skill exchange workshop, led this weekend by the individual artists collectively making up AFFECT’s current artists-in-residence group, was that each artist had a very specific technique / methodology which had been purposefully developed in their life, becoming fine-honed to the point of near superpower level.

with the ultimate design of passing on unusual skills to strangers and thereby empowering them, each artist devised the details of the specific workshop they felt most masterful and capable in leading.

topics included how to successfully avoid conversation on airplanes, traveling backwards at top speed, composing haikus, nordic rope-tying techniques [survival], how to successfully avoid paying rent, the art of climbing trees like a ninja assassin, and the ancient dutch technique of expertly cloning plants.









skill exchange workshop | agora collective | sat, 26 july [today]


it’s today! hope to see you, 6 – 9 pm, at agora for the AFFECT module ii SKILL EXCHANGE workshop. join us this gorgeous saturday afternoon to learn how to rescue people from drowning, climb trees, avoid paying rent, clone your plants and more…

see our listing on here for more information.

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skill exchange | agora collective [sat, 26 july]


AFFECT - image

the second edition of AFFECT: agora’s program for collaborative artistic practices is pleased to invite you to partake in the first collective event developed by the current artists in residence: alice bucknell [us], aviv benn [il], daniel almgrenrecén [se], josé cori [de], jol thomson [us], kathryn gohmert [us], rune bosse [dk].

right at the beginning of the “contextualizing” phase of the program, facilitated by diego agulló, the recently arrived participants have been learning from one another specialized skills, abilities and super powers — such as the world famous texan tree-climbing technique, how not to pay your rent, northern rope survival – just to name a few…

on the occasion of “AFFECT PRESENTS,” an event format developed by agora to celebrate the presence of their new residents, the artists decided to extend the dynamics of this introductory phase of the program and share it with an open audience in a series of short workshops accompanied by virgin smoothies.

join us in a day of mutual exploration and skill exchange.

when: saturday, 26th july
time: 6 – 9 pm
where: agora collective
mittelweg 50, berlin-neukölln

[AFFECT is conceptualized by agora collective e.v. and module ii is moderated by fotini lazaridou hatzigoga, facilitated by diego agulló, sarah lewis, yves scherer, john holten, judith lavagna and coordinated by paz ponce.]

feel free to join & share the event on facebook here!

artists: make it happen in shanghai | epws discussion panel


i’m very happy to be included on this month’s epws discussion panel, ARTISTS: HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN IN SHANGHAI, along with fellow creative minds, susanne junker, rachel marsden, and lisa juen.


rsvp to if you would like to join the evening on 22 may.