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skill exchange | agora collective [in images]


the idea behind the skill exchange workshop, led this weekend by the individual artists collectively making up AFFECT’s current artists-in-residence group, was that each artist had a very specific technique / methodology which had been purposefully developed in their life, becoming fine-honed to the point of near superpower level.

with the ultimate design of passing on unusual skills to strangers and thereby empowering them, each artist devised the details of the specific workshop they felt most masterful and capable in leading.

topics included how to successfully avoid conversation on airplanes, traveling backwards at top speed, composing haikus, nordic rope-tying techniques [survival], how to successfully avoid paying rent, the art of climbing trees like a ninja assassin, and the ancient dutch technique of expertly cloning plants.









fuel artistic exchange | goal met [17 days left]


so as of yesterday evening, berlin time, the kickstarter goal set for the campaign funding my current artist residency in berlin has been met! unbelievable!

an enormous amount of gratitude goes to every single person that has been a positive part of this project so far: the amount of encouragement, support and love that’s been shown to me – sometimes in unlikely and unexpected places – has been very touching and i’m very grateful.

and now, as my ongoing project with AFFECT module ii is now fully funded, i am very excited to begin customizing the personal rewards chosen by my backers, and start sending them on to their final destinations.

if you still want to be a part of the action, and are worried that you’ve missed all the fun, rest assured: there are a few rewards still available – from original and limited edition artwork to personalized, handwritten haikus – there are 17 days to go during which you can still be a part of this project while its live [the image below can take you to the || FUEL ARTISTIC EXCHANGE || page on kickstarter’s website].

have a lovely weekend and stay tuned.

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skill exchange workshop | agora collective | sat, 26 july [today]


it’s today! hope to see you, 6 – 9 pm, at agora for the AFFECT module ii SKILL EXCHANGE workshop. join us this gorgeous saturday afternoon to learn how to rescue people from drowning, climb trees, avoid paying rent, clone your plants and more…

see our listing on artberlin.de here for more information.

ArtBerlinListing - just us

fotini lazaridou | interview | affect module ii


this is a great interview with the the talented moderator of our current AFFECT module ii project, fotini lazaridou, [who has also worked with projects in china off and on for the last few years].

hope you enjoy.





creative progress | affect module ii


we’ve had a productive day here in the workspace of AFFECT’s top floor full of creative discourse, multi-disciplianry inspiration, and the early developments of the concept and structure behind what will be some spectacular final work.

also being undertaken at the moment is the collective formation and release of two publications, under the brilliant guidance of john holten from renegade publishers, broken dimanche press.

see the photo documentation below for proof that artists [and their egos] from different disciplines and countries are not only able to work together within a shared space, but even live to tell about it … while producing something nice along the way.

agora res photo 1 - WEBSITEagora res photo 9 - WEBSITEmore is coming soon. in the meantime, please enjoy this ridiculously short video of performance artist, daniel almgrenrecén, helping us warm up between sessions.

also be sure to take a look at the FUEL ARTISTIC EXCHANGE project if you haven’t yet [20% there already].




artist dinner | affect module ii


AGORA - 2 - website


and we’re off to a great start so far … being courted with a delicious meal at agora collective’s cozy downstairs cafe is a dangerous thing to get used to, but its a wonderful way to get to know the creative minds that will be working closely together for the next ten weeks.

after touring the building and spending a relaxed evening talking with the organizers, artists, writers and facilitators in agora’s gorgeous garden, it’s clear that the people here have all come together to develop something striking and original in this space during these next few months. looking forward to getting started.

Agora -1 - website