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COMMUNITY HOSPITAL group exhibition by WhyWhy Art


housed in shanghai’s newest art space – a former chinese medical clinic in jing an district – the first whywhy art group exhibition opened this past weekend as community hospital.

the show explores, defines and even tempts to “cure” the various matters tackled by participating artists in the work on display within the walls of the former medical facility.

feautured work by artists abby robinson [us], ash hempsall [uk], christian chambenoit [fr], christian de laubadère [fr], christian demaitre [be], daniele mattioli [it], girolamo marri [it], joyce rohrmoser [at], konstantin bayer [de], *llnd [fr], maya kramer [us], monika lin [us], pascale pollier [be], piers secunda [uk], roland darjes [de], susanne junker [de], tom lee petterson [us], vilnis ausinš [lv], wu yandan [cn], zane mellupe [lv].

the exhibition will be on display in the repurposed yuyuan lu space from 5 september – 10 october, 2015.

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] konstantin bayer

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] piers secunda

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] vilnis ausinš

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] christian chambenoit

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] vernissage. work by susanne junker.

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] vernissage. work by abby robinson.  [below:] work by christophe demaitre.


the community hospital concept was created and curated by zane mellupe.

for more, see the whywhyart website here.






THE STROKE OF A PEN | ifa gallery [more details]


“ifa gallery showcases a group of artists commissioned for the exhibition, THE STROKE OF A PEN, each artist interpreting the title as he or she sees best, whether figuratively or with more violent overtones.

christophe demaître melts photography techniques and ink with sensuality. zane mellupe explores the importance of line in the landscape with her marble sculpture. christopher paul gill’s collages underline the necessity of freedom of expression, as does susanne junker with her feminist-themed photographs.

kathryn gohmert’s drawings are the expression of the underestimated carnage that took place in baga, nigeria, on the same date of the charlie hebdo attacks. wu junyong and dai guangyu concentrate on the issue of ink in contemporary chinese culture. alexandre ouairy proposes in “blank project” a series of 100 silk-screen prints on art paper, all numbered and signed. the contract signed during their acquisition defines the artist’s moral right toward his artwork.”

thestrokeofapen10 - website

[work by dai guangyu, susanne junker, zane mellupe]

thestrokeofapen04 - website

[work by zane mellupe, kathryn gohmert]

thestrokeofapen01 - website

[work by zane mellupe, kathryn gohmert, wu junyong]



group open studio + open house | SAPH SHANGHAI



thank you to everyone that came to the group open studio at the swatch art peace hotel last week and made the entire evening so visually charged, unforgettable, and such a perfect way to wrap up the last few days of my time in shanghai.

i am proud to have worked alongside such an amazing group of artists, who fulfilled their separate artist residencies and realised their own work during the same time i realized mine. it has been a pleasure be able to show the results of my research and and energy during these last few winter months as part of this saph event with the work of the following talented people: alexandre and john gaillaelena monzodominique othenin-girardyuan jinhuachiara luzzanasofia ortizzhu yesandro del pistoiajuliana onggeorge van weteringmujinjovanna  tosellokwang-ju sonmaria pazphillip reedlinda spaman, and michael maurissens. 

george - 1 - website

paz - 1 - websiteSAPH - GROUP OPEN STUDIO - ELENA - 1 - website SAPH - GROUP OPEN STUDIO - ELENA - 2 - website

SAPH - GROUP OPEN STUDIO 2015 - 3 - website
SAPH - GROUP OPEN STUDIO - KG - 8-websiteSAPH - GROUP OPEN STUDIO 2015 - 4 - websiteSAPH - GROUP OPEN STUDIO 2015 - 5 - website SAPH - GROUP OPEN STUDIO 2015 - 6 - website




FACES & TRACES | recap [in images]


although things have calmed down quite a bit since the opening several weeks ago, the energy and artwork is still very much alive and present in the exhibition and studio spaces of the swatch art peace hotel, even as shanghai begins to get colder.

being able to see the artwork by some of my most favorite humans as their ‘traces’ are displayed together in one place is a great feeling. the work collected from the combined three years’ worth of past artists-in-residence that have lived and created at the saph in shanghai has completely invigorated the walls with new life.

thrilled to be living and working here again over this upcoming stretch of winter weeks ahead. below are images from the exhibition as well as a painting from my mixed media series of brains in the exhibition catalog and on display.



SAPH - FACES AND TRACES - 2 - websiteSAPH - FACES AND TRACES - 3 - website

open studio | Blo Atelier [6 – 7 nov]


langenachtdebilder - image - website


as part of lange nacht der bilder 2014 – hosting various project spaces, galleries and artist studios based in the lichtenberg district – blo atelier presents performances, workshops and audio + visual work by its artists.

claudia clemens | jorge lequite | johannes bucholtz | almut muller | kathryn gohmert | feryel atek | nancy gorlach | thomas knoof | till gruhl | claudia hirschberger | daniel rabe | luz schewinski | maria fernandez verdeja | sabine alex | conni saaid rabe | constance schrall | nils bornemann | michi sheffler | hana el degham | johnny kortlever | irina novarese

for more information about lange nacht de bilder 2014, blo atelier and its artists, please visit the blo atelier website or the facebook page.

it would be amazing to see you there.

[thurs – fri, 6 – 7 nov | 18:00 – 24:00] 

[kaskelstraße 55, 10317, berlin – lichtenberg]

[s7/s5 nöldnerplatz]

 blo atelier logo



UNBREAKEN | opening + publication launch [in images]


thank you to all who came out last saturday 13 sept] and made the unbreaken launch such a memorable evening!

now that our ‘living publication’ has been activated, a week of exercising it has begun. see the facebook page here for updates to the weeklong program as we apply our living publication in the reality around us and research the affects.

you are warmly invited to join all unbreaken related explorations going on this week around berlin by rsvping to: affect@agoracollective.org or else very welcome to drop by the gallery space of l’atelier-ksr to check in and be a part of our process as it builds toward the unbreaken finissage on friday, 19 september, from 6 – 9 pm at l’atelier-ksr.

unbreaken - 6 - bnw - websiteunbreaken - 7 - bnw - website
unbreaken - 5 - bnw - website
unbreaken vernissage -1 - bnw - website




UNBREAKEN | L’atelier-ksr [13 – 19 sept]




alice bucknell | aviv benn | daniel almgrenrecén | jol thomson | josé cori | kathryn gohmert | rune bosse

book launch | opening: saturday, 13 september, 7:00 pm

l’atelier-ksr | 34 grossbeerentstrasse | 10965 Berlin – Kreuzberg | u6/7 mehringdamm | u1 möckenbrücke

an experimental collaborative publication exceeds its material boundaries and finds its selves taking over spaces, relationships and even dreams. passages are channeled through a stream of collisions and implosions in  and around the space of l’atelier-ksr between 13 – 19 september, 2014

facilitated by fotini lazaridou-hatzigoga, diego agulló, yves mettler,  sarah lewis, john holten, judith lavagna. coordinated by paz ponce.

[coordinates and details for further events during the week to be updated soon]