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ENTRE QUATRO PAREDES intervention | weimar

above: concept illustration by atsuko mochida.

entre quatro paredes is a collaborative, guerilla performance in which walls transform themselves into rooms using the public spaces of weimar.

[scheduled interventions]

fri, 14 july, 14:00 – 16:00
bauhaus-universität weimar [main building]

sat, 15 july, 17:30 – 19:30
locations announced via social media

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the living installation, entre quatro paredes, plays with intimacy, boundaries and borders by transporting itself through the public sphere by means of four interdisciplinary performers.

walls are no passive objects: as catalysts of change, walls actively reshape and restrict movement. acting as barriers, they can divide communities and isolate individuals, while also visibly and literally connecting strangers in intimate settings and serendipitous encounters.

simultaneously inclusive and excluding, occurring at a site and a “non-site,” entre quatro paredes transforms public spaces into immediate, private spaces within the context of four walls.

created and performed by kathryn gohmertmartina jacobiatsuko mochida and malak yacout saleh.

Entre4Paredes-SCAN-FINALabove: entre quatro paredes installed at marktplatz, weimar [2017].
image by martina jacobi and malak yacout saleh.

entre quatro paredes
 is part of summaery 2017, and is a satellite project of the exhibition, WITHINFOURWALLS.

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THE HARVEST / DER HERBST / 秋天 | galerie eigenheim | weimar


gruppenausstellung chinesischer künstler

wang yuhong 王煜宏, caucasso lee jun 李俊, li wei 李暐, guo liwei 郭 利偉 und gäste …

eröffnung: 14 oct, 2016 um 19 uhr

dauer: 14 oct – 12 nov, 2016

ort: galerie eigenheim, weimar / asbachstrasse 1 / 99423 weimar

der herbst hält einzug im weimarhallenpark, in dessen historischem gärtnerhaus die galerie eigenheimseit kurzem ihren neuen standort hat. dieser jahreszeitliche wandel, die wechselnde wetterlage, die fülle der ernte der natur und aufkommenden farbenvielfalt soll als metapher genutzt werden um die gesellschaftlichen veränderungen und künstlerischen verarbeitungen dieser, auf poetischer weise auf zu greifen.

seit 2008 unterhält die galerie eigenheim intensiven kontakt zu künstlern und institutionen aus china. mit der diesjährigen gruppenausstellung chinesischer künstler zeigt die galerie eigenheim mit wang yuhong 王煜宏 und caucasso lee jun 李俊 wohlbekannte positionen aus dem portfolio der galerie und bringt darüber hinaus neue auf dem chinesischen festland und international wohl bekannte künstler wie li wei 李暐 und guo liwei 郭 利偉 als neue positionen mit in die ausstellung hinein. so hat li wei 李暐 2013 offiziell an der biennale in venedig teilgenommen, eröffnete caucasso lee jun 李俊 ein neues studio im herzen von shanghai, hatte wang yuhong 王煜宏 vor kurzem eine soloausstellung im dolun museum in shanghai und realisiert guo liwei 郭 利偉 aktuell ein langangelegtes artist in residence program bei trueart.com. große namen also, welche wir uns freuen ihnen vorstellen zu dürfen. darüber hinaus werden in der ausstellung gäste vorgestellt, welche aktuell noch als überraschung gehandelt werden können.

seien sie unser gast und besuchen sie uns zur eröffnung am 14.oktober 2016 um 19 uhr, zu den öffnungszeiten sowie immer nach vereinbarung. wir freuen uns über ihr interesse.


STATE[S] OF PANIC | galerie eigenheim | weimar


the vernissage on the 21 nov and the interactive game on the 23 nov were brilliant: thank you very much to all that came.

please note the artist talk and finissage will both be taking place now on thursday, 26 november, [starting at 7 pm] and you are warmly invited to join both then.

below are some photos from the STATE[S] OF PANIC installation, which will remain up through 26 november.

see more about DIE OHNMACHT, galerie eigenheim, or other work of mine with these links.

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STATE[S] OF PANIC [details] | galerie eigenheim, weimar




it is my pleasure to  invite  you to view my newest work,  STATE[S] OF PANIC, on display as part of galerie eigenheim‘s themed series of exhibitions, DIE OHNMACHT, taking place at their weimar location.

STATE[S] OF PANIC will be on display from 21 – 26 nov, and details about the vernissage, interactive game, artist talk and other parts of the event are listed below for your reference [with the entire DIE OHNMACHT event running from 15 nov – 18 dec].

. . . . . . . . . .

[STATE[S] OF PANIC | kathryn gohmert | 21 – 26 nov]

vernissagesat, 21 nov, 7 pm

“game”mon, 23 nov, 7 pm

artist talkwed, 25 nov, 7 pm

finissagethurs, 26 nov, 7 pm

. . . . . . . . . .

other talented  artists  showing their work as part of DIE OHNMACHT include: yang mingtil ansgar baumhauerdavid ashley kerrand sandra monterroso.

more  details  about the artists, their work, the concept and DIE OHNMACHT’s itinerary can be found on the galerie eigenheim website, the facebook page or in the information listed below.

. . . . . . . . . .


[using the complexity of global events as an occasion to gain more insight]

the impenetrable complexity of current global events often eludes an objective assessment. the attempt to gain a rational, factual insight into the interrelationships of world politics often leaves us in a state of exhaustion, confronting us with more and more questions the closer we examine them until we are often left with a complete loss of an overview as a result.

global events and global conflicts are carried out locally with their origins also often based in local events. on this basis, we seek to firstly explore the understanding of global contexts from a local perspective. we have invited five politically focused artists from different parts of the world to open conversation with us by using their work as a starting point. each artist has a local, source-based concentration in their work from which global contexts will be developed and examined. in five consecutive, individual presentations, we will get closer to each respective culture’s formative background and current conflicts with the help of each subject’s work as well as using excerpts from the respective body of work as a whole. conversations and public talks with the artists are the second step toward deepening and discovering the origins of local conflicts on global contexts.

addressing these approaches, kathryn gohmert (* 1983 / texas / usa) opens dialogue about both the perspectives and origins of american people regarding their relationship toward violence and weapons and the resulting position of the USA in world events with the mixed media installation, STATE[S] of PANIC, specifically created for this concept. david ashley kerr (* 1986 / victoria / aus) examines the effects of colonialism on modern australia using photography and video works. yang ming (* 1962 / fujian / chn) gives us insight into the current situation in china through a developed conversation. sandra monterroso (* 1974 / gtm) let us participate in her research about the influences of colonialism in the progressive decline of indigenous, south american cultures and till ansgar baumhauer (* 1972 / de) explains excerpts from historical contexts in the conflict between the west and the middle east in his work COLLATERAL DAMAGE (30+).


15.11 – 18.11:  yang ming [* 1962 / fujian / china]

the artist, yang ming, is a guest in weimar from the 15th until the 18th of nov, and will hold an interview with konstantin bayer, giving us an insight into the current situation in china on 17th of nov.

21.11 – 26.11  kathryn gohmert [* 1983 / texas / usa]

the artist, kathryn gohmert, will be presenting a mixed media installation, STATE[S] OF PANIC, opening on the 21st of nov at 7pm, as well involving us in an interactive game (11/23/2015, 7 pm), and a public discussion (11.25.2015, 7 pm).

27.11 – 03.12  till ansgar baumhauer [* 1972 / de] 

till ansgar baumhauer shows video, spacial and object works, which deal with historical and current topics about the correlation between the west and the middle east. giving us a chance to delve deeper into his topic, we will be holding a public artist talk on the 1st of dec.

04.12 – 11.12  david ashley kerr [* 1986 / victoria / aus]

david ashley kerr explored in his phd thesis the colonial influences on australian culture and will be escorting us into a public artist talk (date to be announced) to report on the current situation in australia.

12.12 – 19.12  sandra monterroso [* 1974 / gtm]

sandra monterroso, in addition to presenting a sound work [which can also be seen at this year’s venice biennale in the south american pavilion], makes an endangered indigenous language available to us through her video work.

STATE[S] OF PANIC | Galerie Eigenheim Weimar



i’m pleased to announce that state[s] of panic – a show exploring the current relationship between the united states and gun control – will be running this month at galerie eigenheim, weimar, as part of its themed series of exhibitions, die ohnmacht.

state[s] of panic will focus largely around an installation work of mine, with details about the interactive “game” and artist talk scheduled to take place coming soon.

the show runs from 21 – 26 november, with the vernissage on saturday, 21 november.

see galerie eigenheim’s website for more details. you can also find the event soon on their facebook page.


IN KIND EXCHANGE + THE STROKE OF A PEN | ifa gallery | Brussels


sergey balovin brings his mad talent and energy to brussels this afternoon for an experimental happening presented as part of THE STROKE OF A PEN group exhibition during it’s last week at ifa gallery.

sergey has spent the last few years traveling around the world engrossed in his project, IN KIND EXCHANGE.


in a commitment to sustain all his daily needs while strictly avoiding monetary transactions, he has been able to survive exclusively through goods exchanged with people that are excited to trade tangible, useful things to him for beautiful, customized portraits he makes on site.

the unexpected skill present in sergey’s pen and ink illustrations reflect his classical training as a painter in russia before setting out on the wilder path he navigates now, as an artist with no use for a monetary system.

if you are able to see this happening while it’s ongoing today at ifa gallery, then you are in for a real treat. enjoy.



THE STROKE OF A PEN | ifa gallery [more details]


“ifa gallery showcases a group of artists commissioned for the exhibition, THE STROKE OF A PEN, each artist interpreting the title as he or she sees best, whether figuratively or with more violent overtones.

christophe demaître melts photography techniques and ink with sensuality. zane mellupe explores the importance of line in the landscape with her marble sculpture. christopher paul gill’s collages underline the necessity of freedom of expression, as does susanne junker with her feminist-themed photographs.

kathryn gohmert’s drawings are the expression of the underestimated carnage that took place in baga, nigeria, on the same date of the charlie hebdo attacks. wu junyong and dai guangyu concentrate on the issue of ink in contemporary chinese culture. alexandre ouairy proposes in “blank project” a series of 100 silk-screen prints on art paper, all numbered and signed. the contract signed during their acquisition defines the artist’s moral right toward his artwork.”

thestrokeofapen10 - website

[work by dai guangyu, susanne junker, zane mellupe]

thestrokeofapen04 - website

[work by zane mellupe, kathryn gohmert]

thestrokeofapen01 - website

[work by zane mellupe, kathryn gohmert, wu junyong]





i am very pleased to announce that my recent illustrations – completed during a residency in shanghai last month – will be part of ifa gallery‘s upcoming group exhibition,  the stroke of a pen, with work by other talented artists: dai guangyu, christophe demaitrechristopher gillsusanne junkerzane mellupealexandre ouairy and wu junyong.

the exhibition runs from 21 february – 15 march, 2015, and you are also very warmly invited to the vernissage on friday, 20 feb, from 5 – 9 pm if you are in the brussels area then.

[the stroke of a pen • group exhibition]