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aera efas, 2016




[installation / sculpture / public art]

this structure creates an enclosed space for a chosen subject; the area immediately beneath it is protected from all harmful elements in its surrounding environment.

as sunlight, additional nutrients, gasses necessary for plant life and new seeds are also stopped from entering the secured area, the natural result is a stagnation, decline and eventual decay of the life being contained.











new studio | blo ateliers

images below from the new studio space at BLO ateliers, berlin! see the BLO website for more info on the facilities and other artists based in this post-industrial wonderland. more details coming soon about our upcoming open studio event on 7 november. stay tuned to this blog for more information or subscribe to my newsletter here for updates closer to the date.
blo ateliers - 2 - website
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UNBREAKEN finissage | L’atelier-ksr


after a full week of interactively exploring possibilities, the artists of the unbreaken project are pleased to present the results of our combined research from the collective exercising of our ‘living’ publication.

this friday, 19 september, 6:00 – 9:00 pm, the unbreaken project concludes at l’atelier-ksr with the unbreaken finissage.

we would be delighted to see you there.

unbreaken it all - website











VERLOREN IN SCHANGHAI | neue zürcher zeitung



feature in swiss publication, neue zürcher zeitung, mentioning my work alongside interviews with good friends eddie mu, linda yu and jean daptiste dumas specifically regarding our take on modern shanghai.

read the full article on the neue zürcher zeitung website here.