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COMMUNITY HOSPITAL group exhibition by WhyWhy Art


housed in shanghai’s newest art space – a former chinese medical clinic in jing an district – the first whywhy art group exhibition opened this past weekend as community hospital.

the show explores, defines and even tempts to “cure” the various matters tackled by participating artists in the work on display within the walls of the former medical facility.

feautured work by artists abby robinson [us], ash hempsall [uk], christian chambenoit [fr], christian de laubadère [fr], christian demaitre [be], daniele mattioli [it], girolamo marri [it], joyce rohrmoser [at], konstantin bayer [de], *llnd [fr], maya kramer [us], monika lin [us], pascale pollier [be], piers secunda [uk], roland darjes [de], susanne junker [de], tom lee petterson [us], vilnis ausinš [lv], wu yandan [cn], zane mellupe [lv].

the exhibition will be on display in the repurposed yuyuan lu space from 5 september – 10 october, 2015.

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] konstantin bayer

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] piers secunda

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] vilnis ausinš

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] christian chambenoit

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] vernissage. work by susanne junker.

SAMSUNG CSC[above:] vernissage. work by abby robinson.  [below:] work by christophe demaitre.


the community hospital concept was created and curated by zane mellupe.

for more, see the whywhyart website here.






artist dinner | affect module ii


AGORA - 2 - website


and we’re off to a great start so far … being courted with a delicious meal at agora collective’s cozy downstairs cafe is a dangerous thing to get used to, but its a wonderful way to get to know the creative minds that will be working closely together for the next ten weeks.

after touring the building and spending a relaxed evening talking with the organizers, artists, writers and facilitators in agora’s gorgeous garden, it’s clear that the people here have all come together to develop something striking and original in this space during these next few months. looking forward to getting started.

Agora -1 - website

chinese landscape | tao hongjing



karin janssen is a dutch artist and gallery owner who divides her time between london and the netherlands while exhibiting her work and running her project space in hackney.

although we just barely missed meeting each other in person – karin visited shanghai just after I left – she was lucky enough to meet with some of my favorite shanghai-based artists, roland darjes, alexandre ouairy, and stefano ogliari badessa, each of whom are referenced in this article by karin.

the main topic of focus is the CHINESE LANDSCAPE solo exhibition, hosting the work of good friend and fellow-artist, tao hongjing [who plays with the subject of china’s dual identity in his own unique, multi-layered way].


coming soon | Little Victories Gallery



shanghai’s newest mobile gallery space is artist-powered [literally, as the artist owners will be using their leg muscles to keep the space mobile] and was founded by artists katie surridgejulian palacz and stefano ogliari badessi who met in shanghai through a residency program. the crew of international artists found their inspiration for the showspace through the idea of censorship and its continuous presence in china.

little victories was established in 2013 in shanghai, china with the objective of running a thought provoking exhibition programme of dedicated group and solo shows.




the space’s opening is set, loosely, for july 16th.

see more about little victories on their website here.




696 weihai lu | updates


696 seems to be getting loads of publicity about its hopefully-not-emminent-but-more-than-likely-emminent shutdown at the end of march.


maybe the publicity will get its demolition avoided compeletely by the ones behind the decision.

[from cnngo.com:]

“with their leases expiring at the end of march, this could be the beginning of the end for weihai 696’s artistic identity…   696 weihai lu [known by its residents as weihai 696] is a shallow nongtang that’s home to dozens of artist studios, small galleries and creative enterprises. with news that the buildings are being sold, artists and art fans are bracing for the possibility that the area will be cleared out, perhaps as soon as march … while many suspect that they will have to leave when their leases expire they don’t know that for sure. the jing’an district government hasn’t divulged any information about what it intends to do with weihai 696…   if that happens, it’s unclear what new chapter will be added to the history of an address that has purportedly been an opium and fabric trader’s residence, a factory for radio parts, a cluster of car parts dealerships and, most recently, a wonderful artists’ enclave…”

read more on cnn’s website here.