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interview | Artscene.Guru


great interview with artscene.guru as part of their TWENTY ON TUESDAY series with artists. very grateful to their whole team for such a stimulating and engaging questions. read the whole article on their website by following the link below.

alternately you can follow artscene.guru on facebook and twitter for more interviews in the future.

artsceneguru screenshot - website



secret vii footage | ICS


so thanks to the team at ICS, we now have a copy of the footage aired a few weeks ago on shanghai’s largest local network which featured a great interview of all the artists of the secret vii.

this last exhibition, THE ESSENCE OF RANDOM, is to be our last guerilla pop up exhibition for some time. and just in time, as it looks as if the secret vii aren’t so secret anymore.

see the inteview footage on vimeo here [sorry, mainlanders. time to fire up those vpns again].