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jubilämsausstellung | galerie eigenheim, kunsthalle harry graf kessler | weimar [images]

images below from the exhibition and vernissage of galerie eigenheim’s 10 jahre jubiläumsausstellung at kunsthalle harry graf kessler in weimar.

thank you to everyone who came to the exhibition.

[more about galerie eigenheim]
[more about the 10 jahre jubiläumsausstellung and artists book]


jubiläumausstellung | galerie eigenheim | kunsthalle harry graf kessler | weimar


eine zweiteilige jubiläumsausstellung

[kunsthalle harry graf kessler]


eröffnung: 09 dec, 2016 um 17 uhr

dauer: 10 dec, 2016 – 06 jan, 2017


tom ackermann / konstantin bayer / benedikt braun / michaël camellini / stephan dill / enrico freitag / kathryn gohmert / julia herfurth / michael von hintzenstern / gerald & martin höfer/ marc jung / david ashley kerr / edith kollath / maja linke / martin mohr / nele möller / adam noack  / nina röder / stefan schiek / anna schimkat / michal schmidt / julia scorna / peter stechert / daniel thompson / lars wild / christiane wittig

aus anlass ihres 10-jährigen bestehens würdigt die kulturdirektion der stadt weimar die galerie eigenheim weimar/berlin mit einer zweiteiligen jubiläumsausstellung in der kunsthalle harry graf kessler. gezeigt werden eine jubiläumsedition von 26 künstlern sowie installationen und objekte. alle arbeiten stehen inhaltlich in direktem bezug zur galerie.
zur ausstellungseröffnung am freitag, dem 09 dezember, 2016, um 17 uhr, laden wir sie und ihre begleitung herzlich ein.

ort: kunsthalle harry graf kessler / goetheplatz 9b / 99423 weimar

please find more on the galerie eigenheim website here.


THE STROKE OF A PEN | ifa gallery [more details]


“ifa gallery showcases a group of artists commissioned for the exhibition, THE STROKE OF A PEN, each artist interpreting the title as he or she sees best, whether figuratively or with more violent overtones.

christophe demaître melts photography techniques and ink with sensuality. zane mellupe explores the importance of line in the landscape with her marble sculpture. christopher paul gill’s collages underline the necessity of freedom of expression, as does susanne junker with her feminist-themed photographs.

kathryn gohmert’s drawings are the expression of the underestimated carnage that took place in baga, nigeria, on the same date of the charlie hebdo attacks. wu junyong and dai guangyu concentrate on the issue of ink in contemporary chinese culture. alexandre ouairy proposes in “blank project” a series of 100 silk-screen prints on art paper, all numbered and signed. the contract signed during their acquisition defines the artist’s moral right toward his artwork.”

thestrokeofapen10 - website

[work by dai guangyu, susanne junker, zane mellupe]

thestrokeofapen04 - website

[work by zane mellupe, kathryn gohmert]

thestrokeofapen01 - website

[work by zane mellupe, kathryn gohmert, wu junyong]





i am very pleased to announce that my recent illustrations – completed during a residency in shanghai last month – will be part of ifa gallery‘s upcoming group exhibition,  the stroke of a pen, with work by other talented artists: dai guangyu, christophe demaitrechristopher gillsusanne junkerzane mellupealexandre ouairy and wu junyong.

the exhibition runs from 21 february – 15 march, 2015, and you are also very warmly invited to the vernissage on friday, 20 feb, from 5 – 9 pm if you are in the brussels area then.

[the stroke of a pen • group exhibition]







now included in the faces and traces exhibition, in addition to an earlier mixed media work from the brain series, [2012] is a new illustration, [2015] completed during my recent residency at the swatch art peace hotel.

also note that the closing date of the show has been extended to 1 march, for anyone wanting to view the exhibition that has not yet managed.


[faces and traces exhibition | residency at swatch art peace hotel | brain series | illustration work]


SAPH - STUDIO SHOT - 2015-website

SAPH - TRACE - MARS - 5 - website.