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artist dinner | affect module ii


AGORA - 2 - website


and we’re off to a great start so far … being courted with a delicious meal at agora collective’s cozy downstairs cafe is a dangerous thing to get used to, but its a wonderful way to get to know the creative minds that will be working closely together for the next ten weeks.

after touring the building and spending a relaxed evening talking with the organizers, artists, writers and facilitators in agora’s gorgeous garden, it’s clear that the people here have all come together to develop something striking and original in this space during these next few months. looking forward to getting started.

Agora -1 - website

THE END | 696 weihai lu [30 april]


and to top the list [or close to the top] of reasons why we may actually be living in the end times – 696 weihai lu’s artists are officially farewell-ing off into the sunset with a last group exhibition/party/blowout-celebration this saturday, 30 april.

the flyer, as it was sent to me, is just below but will be posting more details as they arrive.




ai-yah weihai


shocking how one minute its there and the next it completely disappears. where did it go? [time, that is]

696 weihai lu is currently in its last month of being inhabited by its artists and their ideas and works in progress / messes / masterpieces… and what a shame.

definitely make a point to go to the big final open studio event 30 april, if only to say goodbye to a special place that was a host of beautiful minds and beautiful work for a significant chunk of a while in shanghai.

goodbye  696 – you will be sorely and hugely missed.

[unexpected goodbyes are by far the worst kind.]



696 weihai lu | updates


696 seems to be getting loads of publicity about its hopefully-not-emminent-but-more-than-likely-emminent shutdown at the end of march.


maybe the publicity will get its demolition avoided compeletely by the ones behind the decision.

[from cnngo.com:]

“with their leases expiring at the end of march, this could be the beginning of the end for weihai 696’s artistic identity…   696 weihai lu [known by its residents as weihai 696] is a shallow nongtang that’s home to dozens of artist studios, small galleries and creative enterprises. with news that the buildings are being sold, artists and art fans are bracing for the possibility that the area will be cleared out, perhaps as soon as march … while many suspect that they will have to leave when their leases expire they don’t know that for sure. the jing’an district government hasn’t divulged any information about what it intends to do with weihai 696…   if that happens, it’s unclear what new chapter will be added to the history of an address that has purportedly been an opium and fabric trader’s residence, a factory for radio parts, a cluster of car parts dealerships and, most recently, a wonderful artists’ enclave…”

read more on cnn’s website here.