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seeds | hotel leipzig [performance images]


this performance took place on 16 may, en route to the deutsche zentralbücherei für blinde from the leipzig hauptbahnhof.

roughly three million dandelion seeds were gathered in goethe’s park an der ilm. the seeds were relocated to a suitcase and then transported to leipzig by train. after carrying the suitcase to the entrance of the deutsche zentralbücherei für blinde [german central library for the blind], the suitcase was opened and the seeds handed out personally as ‘post’ to passing pedestrians.

as dandelion plants reportedly have medicinal properties which combat memory loss and decrease  the effects of dementia, the spreading of these seeds by way of this intimate, person-to-person method is intended to cure the repeating spells of memory loss human history continues to experience.

SEEDS | performance, HOTEL LEIPZIG, 2017
photographer: yi weihua



hotel leipzig [interventions] | leipzig

*illustration by atsuko mochida

you are cordially invited to be among the first to preview the grand happening, HOTEL LEIPZIG. the event will commence, tuesday, 16 may at 12 pm directly west of the main train station at willy-brandt-platz [between kurt-schumacher-straße and gerberstraße]. a walk of art will explore the artistic interventions at various locations around the city centre, beginning with the first location at the former hotel astoria at 12 pm [noon].

participating artists:
vincent brière // rafaella constantinou // sophie foster // kathryn gohmert // ahmet kavas // rebecca a. layton // yihui liu // matthew lloyd // nasir malekijoo // atsuko mochida // denise rosero bermudez // feng runze // malak yacout saleh // sze ting wong // yi weihua

HOTEL LEIPZIG is a project of the mfa program, “public art and new artistic strategies,” under the direction of prof. danica dakić, anke hannemann, ina weise and jirka reichmann (coordination) with bauhaus-universität weimar.

[more about HOTEL LEIPZIG]