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within four walls exhibition | weimar



vincent brière // vienne chan // rafaella constantino
sophie foster // kathryn gohmert // 
ahmet kavas // rebecca a. layton
yihui liu // matthew lloyd // nasir malekijoo // atsuko mochica
mila panić // mariya pavlenko // denise rosero bermúdez // feng runze
malak yacout saleh // saša tatić // sze ting wong // yi weihua

WITHIN FOUR WALLS will explore the borders of public and private space. from the inside of the studio, to the outside of the city centre and everything in between, showcasing the many ways that public art can be presented. within the walls of m14, previous projects from (UN)SOUNDS OF BUCHENWALD and HOTEL LEIPZIG will be displayed alongside new interventions inside the space. we will also investigate the site-specific approach and take work to the streets of weimar, emphasising the broadness and range that public art and new artistic strategies has to offer.

[group exhibition and cinema:]

marienstraße 14

fri, 14 july, 12:00- 23:00
sat, 15 july, 12:00- 20:00
sun, 16 july, 12:00- 18:00

also feel warmly invited to the collaborative, guerilla intervention, entre quatro paredes – a satellite project of WITHIN FOUR WALLS – as it meets the public space next Fri – Sun, 14 – 16 July.

more information about entre quatro paredes can be found here and the performance’s route can be followed online with #entrequatroparedes2017.

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